The 2022 William S. Dixon First Amendment Freedom awards recognize the outstanding
accomplishments of citizens and organizations in New Mexico who champion transparency and
defend the people’s right to know the affairs of government. Since 2002, NMFOG has celebrated
the men and women who have advanced the cause of transparency and accountability in New

The award honors the late William S. Dixon, a First Amendment advocate and NMFOG co-founder.
Dixon was a brilliant attorney and a leading defender of free speech and public-access rights. He
was known for his keen intellect, ringing laughter, lucid writing, integrity and idealism. His legacy
lives on through this award. All nominations are evaluated by a FOG Screening/Selector

Nominations for the Dixon Award must be submitted on the Dixon Awards Form and must include a
narrative and a photograph of the nominee
. The nomination must also include the name and contact
information of two individuals who endorse the nomination. The deadline for nominations is July
31, 2021. If the nomination is not made online, please email this form and a letter of
nomination to:

In your narrative outlining the reasons the nominee should be a Dixon Award recipient, please
address each of the following sections:

  1. How contributions made by the nominee significantly improved the public’s understanding
    of open government laws and how these laws impact people’s everyday lives. Be specific.
  2. Specific actions the nominee used to protect the public’s rights under open government
    laws such as Inspection of Public Records Act and the Open Meetings Act.
  3. Detail the ways the nominee made concrete and oftentimes unrecognized contributions to
    protecting or strengthening open government.
  4. Outline any activities undertaken by the nominee to hold elected officials accountable or
    inspire civic engagement.
    Nominees do not have to be New Mexico residents, but residents are given preference by the
    selection committee.

A nominee’s historical service to the public’s right to know will be taken into consideration.
When making your nomination, please add any additional information, about the nominee’s
record of accomplishment advancing government transparency. Please limit this information
to 500 words. Attachments are accepted.

In the Endorsement section, it would be helpful to the selection committee for the nominator
to provide the name and contact information of at least one individual who will endorse this

Each year FOG holds a luncheon to honor the Dixon Award recipients.
Nominations can come from any discipline, including but not limited to: business, law, education,
government, health, science, technology, arts, media and citizen advocacy.