APS delivers new documents to FOG in connection with Brooks report

On Tuesday, September 16, 2014, the Foundation for Open Government received a further response to the Inspection of Public Records Act (“IPRA”) request it filed last month with the Albuquerque Public School Board for the investigation report and related documents about  Superintendent Winston Brooks.

On  August 25, APS public records custodian Rigo Chavez denied FOG’s  request for the report, citing both the personnel and attorney-client privilege exceptions under IPRA,  but sought further time to respond to other records requested by FOG.  In its August 19 IPRA, FOG also requested  1) any and all emails and documents to or from any APS board member or APS employee or representative in regard to the Brooks report and  2) any communications between any APS board member or employee and Agnes Padilla or Butt, Thornton & Baehr, regarding Winston Brooks or Ann Brooks and the report.

According to Mr. Chavez, no emails or documents were located in regard to any  documents or emails from APS board members or employees, but five documents were found concerning communications from a board member or employee to Ms. Padilla.  ( Some of these emails in fact were not to Ms. Padilla). You can access all the documents received by FOG here:

  1. Email to APS attorney Tony Ortiz from Analee Maestas, APS Board President
  2. Draft of press release from Analee Maestas
  3. Email to Mr. Ortiz from Ms. Maestas requesting fax number
  4. Email from Monica Armenta, Executive Director of APS Communications, to Ms. Maestas, about KOAT phone call
  5. Email from Ms. Maestas to Mr. Brooks about board meeting agenda