FOG Letters

As an advocate for Open Meetings Act and the Inspection of Public Records Act, NMFOG frequently sends letters on behalf of citizens.

Legislation 2021

Letter to Gov. Lujan-Grisham asking for signing of HB 55  

Letter to Sen. Munoz 

Letter to Daniel Ivey-Soto HB 55Letter to Leadership

Letter to Legislative Council Service 

Legislation 2020   

Letter to Legislative Leadership concerning 2020 Special Session Access the Letter Here  

Letter asking Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham to veto House Bill 364 Letter to the Governor  

Request to Allow the Public to Attend All State Budget Amendment Meetings Access the Letter Here     T

abling Bills   

Letter to Legislative Leadership  

An Act Relating to the Open Meetings Act: Requiring a Public Body to Permit Oral Public Comment at a Public Meeting HB 378 – Introduced by James E. Smith And Daniel A. Ivey-Soto

Public Records 2021

Letter to NMSU General Council Draft Report

Letter to ABQ City Clerk Open Space Records

Gallup Sun Gallup Police Department 1

Letter to REDA Jerry Redfern 2 8 21

Lea County Redfern Letter

Public Records 2020   Ennega APS LetterLetter

Mora County RoadsLetter ABQ City Clerk Records

Las Cruces Letter Denial of Disciplinary Records

Letter to APS Ed Williams Request for Documents

Letter to ABQ City Clerk Payments

Letter to Bernalillo County Payments

Public Records 2019

Bern Co letter on behalf of KOAT TV2

Public Records 2018

2 David Tourek letter    

Release of unlocked Excel spreadsheet model from Interstate Stream Commission on Gila River flows ISC Response Letter, making spreadsheet available on public website (01/2015)Second Letter to ISC Seeking Records Be Released (01/2015)

Secrecy Provisions in Albuquerque Ordinance for Inspector General Letter to Mayor Berry and Councilor Sanchez (11/2014)

Confidentiality Around Medical-Marijuana Producers Letter to Department of Health re: secrecy rule for Medical Cannabis Program (10/2009)

Delay on request for survey sent to employees Letter to attorneys for Gadsen Independent School District requesting survey sent to district’s employees. (10/13)

Documents Discussed in Executive Session Letter to Taos Municipal Schools re: denial of IPRA request (9/2009)

Draft Documents Letter to Human Services Department re: denial of request for draft documents (3/2010)

Electronic Records Letter to UNM re: denial of request for electronic salary book (12/2010)

Electronic Records & Draft Documents Letter to Environment Department re: Inspection of Public Records policy (4/2010)

Electronic Records & Draft Documents Letter to city of Santa Fe re: denial of IPRA request for spreadsheet (1/2010)

Fees for Copying Public Records Letter to city of Truth or Consequences re: Inspection of Public Records policy (10/2010)

Inspection of records without obtaining copies Letter to City of Clovis officials about access to incident reports on police computer without forcing newspaper to pay copy fees for all reports. (2/14)

Internal Procedures for IPRA Requests Letter to Regulation & Licensing Department re: policy to send all requests for legal review (6/2011)

Records of Outgoing Governor Letter to State Records Center re: attempted eight-year moratorium on access to Richardson records (2/2011)

Redaction of “Personnel Matters” Letter to Public Regulation Commission re: redaction of ethics-survey comments about commissioners (12/2009)

Redaction of Information Not Specifically Requested Letter to Department of Finance and Administration re: redaction of employee notations (4/2010)

Refusal to Produce Record or Forward Request Formal IPRA Complaint re: Office of the Governor’s refusal to release information on exempt-employee layoffs (1/2010)

First Amendment Photographing or Filming Legislative Hearings Letter to Senate committee chairs re: rule requiring permission to photograph or film (2/2011)

Public Comment and the First Amendment Memo to Santa Fe Public Schools re: restricting comments on “personnel issues” (10/2011)

Open Meetings   FOG Letter to NM Athletic Association  Agenda specifics   Even when meetings are closed due to the attorney-client privilege, substantial OMA requirements still must be met Court of Appeals Ruling (03/2016)

New Mexico Supreme Court denies petition requesting court force county commission and governor speed up process to replace Sen Griego’s vacant seat Supreme Court Order (03/2015)

Executive Session with Closed-door Discussion not Properly Listed on Agenda Letter to Mayor Gonzales (12/2014)

Closed-Door Budget Discussions Letter to city of Bloomfield re: private budget meeting (4/2011)

Electric Cooperatives & Transparency Letter to Socorro Electric Cooperative trustees re: transparency for members (6/2010)

Emergency Action & Agenda for Executive Session OMA Violation Complaint re: Village of Ruidoso “emergency” action (7/2011)

Executive-Session Procedures Letter to Taos Municipal Schools re: apparent failure to follow correct procedures (5/2011)

Personnel Matters in Executive Session Letter to Bernalillo Public Schools re: discussion of superintendent search issues (5/2010)

Project Steering Committee Letter to Village of Los Lunas re: committee to generate recommendations (1/2010)

Public Notice of Hearings Written comments re: proposal to advertise Community Development Block Grant hearings only via flyer (10/2010)

Public Notice, Agenda Specificity and Executive-Session Procedures Letter to Village of Reserve re: corrective action on OMA violations (11/2009)

Removal of Citizens from Meetings Letter to Valencia County Commission re: decision to bar a citizen from future meetings (10/2009)

Rolling Quorum via E-Mail Letter to City of Farmington re: e-mail exchange among councilors (11/2009)

Court Records

Cameras in the Courtroom Letter-to-Supreme-Court-Camera-in-Magistrate-Court-1.pdf   Full Access to Metro Court Files Letter to New Mexico Supreme Court urging full access to Bernalillo Metropolitan Court Files (3/2014)

Public Access to Court Records Written comments to Supreme Court re: recommendation to remove certain cases from Case Lookup and differing access for paper and electronic records (7/2010)

Public Access to Court Record Written comments to Supreme Court re: personal identifiers and ID requirement (12/2010)

Public Access to Court Records Written comments to Supreme Court re: redaction of personal identifiers (11/2009)