1) Assumption of openness

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As a policy statement, Subsection A of the Open Meetings Act sets forth the spirit and intent of the law and serves as the guiding principles to be followed in applying the Act, including the exceptions. NMSA 1978 § 10-15-1-A

Compliance with the Act is not just a matter of adhering to OMA’s specific requirements, but contemplates a more flexible obligation of public bodies to open their deliberations to public scrutiny. AG OMA Guide, Introduction, p. 1

Subsection H of the Act lists specific instances when a meeting that otherwise would be open to the public can be closed. In addition, there are a few other exceptions mentioned in other parts of the New Mexico Statutes that imply a meeting can be closed, but the general rule is that exceptions should be limited and explicit.

This lesson explains the specific exceptions set forth in OMA.