2) Duties of a public records custodian

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Each public body must designate at least one public records custodian. A public records custodian shall receive public records requests, including electronic mail or facsimile, and respond in the same manner in which the request was made. NMSA 1978 § 14-2-7


The custodian must provide proper and reasonable opportunities to inspect public records and provide reasonable facilities to make or furnish copies of the public records during usual business hours. NMSA 1978 § 14-2-7-D


The duty to provide a reasonable opportunity to inspect public records may take into account the public body’s office hours, available space, available personnel, the need to safeguard records and other legitimate concerns. This means access to public records should not require an office to disrupt its normal operations or remain open beyond its normal hours of operation. AG IPRA Guide Commentary p. 28

If an IPRA request is not filed with the custodian having possession or responsibility for the public records requested, the person receiving the request shall promptly forward the request to the custodian of the requested public records. The requester should be notified of the person who does have custody or control of the records, the records’ location and the name and address of the custodian. NMSA 1978 § 14-2-8-E