4) Posting of notice

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A public body must post in a conspicuous location at its administrative office and on the publicly available website, if any, a notice describing: (a) the right of a person to inspect a public body’s records; (b) procedures for requesting inspection of public records, including the contact information for the records custodian; (c) procedures for requesting copies of public records; (d) the reasonable fees for copying public records; and (e) the responsibility of a public body to make public records available for inspection. NMSA 1978 § 14-2-7-E


IIPRA does not address where to post the notice if a public body does not have an administrative office. The Attorney General’s guide suggests that the notice could be posted where the public body’s records are maintained or in a place where persons who are interested in making IPRA requests are likely to see the notice. AG IPRA Guide p. 29