Eddy County Takes Step to Increase Transparency

The Eddy County Commission put into practice this week an important step to ensure transparency and the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government (FOG) applauds the effort.

“The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government supports Eddy County’s efforts to comply with the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) in announcing the allocation of a new paid records custodian position,” Melanie J. Majors, executive director, said. IPRA is a New Mexico state law that provides the public and media access to public information. The law requires open access to almost all public records in state and local government, with few exceptions.

“While we are quick to point out when public bodies violate IPRA, it is just as important for the public to know when there are efforts to comply with the law. We applaud the County’s action,” she added.

Majors said the Commission approved $27,000 for salary for the position until June, the end of the current fiscal year. 

Eddy County Manager Allen Davis requested the expenditure as he said complying with IPRA required approximately 60 hours of administrative time each week.